SmartFight is held in the fabulous restaurant 

"Panorama A.S.P.

(50 floor, 51 Malysheva Str., "Vysotskiy" BC). 


Train your mind!

Intellectual rest with your friends, colleagues, business partners

Live music and delicious European and Asian cuisine 

Rules: Prepare an answer to the question within 1 min. There are 3 rounds of 10 questions. The team that gives more correct answers is the winner!

The participation cost is 2 700 rubles for one player. Dinner cost is included.

Intellectual pleasure and unforgettable view of Ekaterinburg

SmartFight dinner is held in English, Germany, Japanese or Russian

SmartFight could be held in restaurant, cafe, hotel, conference room or outdoors

+7 912 23 23 004


Panorama a.s.p.

SmartFight game is held in this fabulous restaurant. The interior and cuisine make a wonderful eclectical mix, combining the Asian and European philosophy and offering the game of tastes.  View on both sides of the world  in combination of the cuisine of       two continents.

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